Geddie Shines in Daytona Testing

28 January, 2011

Aberdeen race ace Glynn Geddie has proved to be such a success at Daytona he's in line to be one of the Bennett Racing Ferrari's fronteers.

The 20-year-old has been testing ahead of the prestigious Rolex 24 Hour Challenge and has already lapped quicker than any of his new team-mates.

That early form has prompted team principle Skip Bennett to promote Geddie to head their assault for this weekend's endurance race.

Glynn Geddie:
"The test session was very productive and I'm looking forward to getting back in the car again before the actual race.

"There were a few minor issues we needed to overcome but teething problems are to be expected with any team.

"Things have definitely changed from me just being one of the drivers to me being one of the lead drivers. That means I'll do a longer distance in the race and qualifying session, as well as having more of an influence with our overall strategy.

"I'll also have a real input into the key decisions the team will make along the way and I'm extremely pleased with the way things have gone so far.

"I haven't received final confirmation that I'm going to be one of the lead drivers but feel quite honoured just to be considered for such an influential role given this is my first Daytona drive."


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Geddie Shines in Daytona Testing