Padmore's '09 Season off to a Crisp Start

28 January, 2009

Today saw the warm up of Nick and Jean-Lou’s new season in the Norma VdeV car before their first round at Jarama, Spain.

A cold and bright Brands Indy was the asphalt gynasium was where they would start getting the Norma fit again. Nick was out early in the wet – setting a 47.4, a mere 2.5 seconds off a dry pole time.

Nick and Jean-Lou are being run by Norma Automotive Concept (NAC) for the ‘09 season – these guys are one of the biggest and most experienced teams on the grid in V de V . Nick’s first comments on car setup were “These boys don’t just try setup – they do it, and they know it will improve the car! I’ve been out with two setup changes and the car just gets quicker and quicker...really glad we’re onboard with them this year”.

So with all the setup adjustments having positive effects, Jean-Lou takes to the drying track for a session in the Norma. Jean-Lou’s time again getting quicker, setting a 47.1, which he is initially happy with but Nick knows where Jean-Lou can grab a few more tenths.

After a red flag – Nick now jumps in and starts to push a little more now the track is starting to dry. Although track temperature is still low – Nick puts in a 45.8, within 5 laps of being out.

This is a very positive and promising outlook for Nick’s ‘09 season – if we can see consistent performance like this, then there’s no reason why Nick and Jean-Lou wont be biting at the top end this year.

Nick thoughts on the year ahead were “Yeah, really feel positive. Jean-Lou looks happy with the car, the boys at NAC have just got it all sussed – less pressure on us when worrying about the car, we just feed it back to them and they will sort it - perfect just the way it should be. Bring on Jarama!”

Report by Elliot Weir

Spindrift Media

Padmore's '09 Season off to a Crisp Start