Silverstone Recap

01 October, 2013

The final weekend of the Protyre Formula Renault UK was held last weekend at Silverstone on September 28-29.

In qualifying, Shahan was only able to secure 17th place due to a damaged front wing caused by sudden braking of the car ahead during the outlap. This resulted into a pit stop leaving Shahan with no more than 3 laps to improve his qualifying time. Second session yielded to a mere P15 placing him at the back of the grid in both races.

In race 1, A great start allowed the Lebanese driver to quickly move up by 4 positions. With the addition of consistent and quick laptimes around the circuit, Shahan was able to climb and finish in P8 and was neck and neck with Pier Hickin (P7) when crossing the finish line.

In race 2, during the first lap, driver Matteo Ferrer crashed into Shahan car, causing several damages forcing Shahan to pit once more to replace a punctured front right tire. Sarkissian was quickly back on the field and quickly caught up to rest of the grid. A fantastic overtake in turn 1 moved him up to P11. Shahan then passes two more cars simultaneously on the fast Copse corner and managed to finish 8th from the back of the grid. "This was a very mature drive, and shows how much experience he [Shahan] has gained in just two years of racing. This is a different approach in racing; he kept his head down and fought back untill the end." Says MTech Lite team boss.

"Despite the mishaps during qualifying and races, we managed to salvage the Replica Hublot entire weekend and finish in the Top 10 in the Championship" says Shahan. "The team was superb and well prepared. The tire change was very quick and we were able to get back out there and fight all the way to the finish line: A great way to end the season."

Shahan Sarkissian is sponsored by Termomeccanica Pompe Spa, Koso Co., Credit Agricole Private Banking, Bemco International, and Demco Steel Industries.

Silverstone Recap